Yoga Helps!

I have had two knee surgeries. My joints, especially knee and hip, get stiff and hurt. If I stay in one position too long, say at my desk, I am very stiff when I get up. I limp until I can work it out. I take glucosamine for joint relief. Not sure if it helps, but I take it daily.

In college, decades ago, I took a yoga class. Loved it. It was at 2:30pm. I laid on a mat for about 15 minutes and then we practiced yoga. I always felt so much better after those classes. Rested and stretched.

My wife and I started practicing yoga. I say practice because one does not ‘do’ yoga, one practices it. Some poses are difficult. Some are painful. Some are downright impossible for me – when the instructor says ‘pigeon’ I go in to child’s pose. I do have to say though, after practicing yoga about three times a week, sometimes less, I feel tons better. I am more limber and flexible. My joints do not hurt as much.

Not all yoga studios and teachers are the same. Good teachers will listen to their students. Good teachers will push just the right amount. Good teachers will not expect more of you than you can handle, but will encourage you to go just a little further. I suggest you shop around a bit. Get to class a little early and talk to the teacher about your limitations. It is hard for me to sit cross legged for very long and I want my teacher to understand that about me.

There are many levels of yoga. If you are a beginner, seek out a beginner class. Get to know yoga and your body through yoga. I know it will help.


Having good equipment is important. It is not expensive and is a worthwhile investment. I suggest a mat, two blocks, a bolster, and a strap. You may also need a towel/blanket to kneel or sit upon.

Here are some options to consider:



Good Read

Being diagnosed with cancer can make a person reflective on life in general, priorities, mortality, legacy. I will discuss those topics in the future.

I did read an excellent book that helped me put things in perspective. I highly recommend it and think families would benefit from reading and discussing it.

Being Mortal by Atul Gawande

He is a doctor who has dealt with the death of his patients as well as the death of his father. This very sensitive book will change how you look at life, family, and the fact you will, one day, die.